If you are looking to make the jump from managing a single restaurant to working multiple locations, there are a few things you may want to look for in yourself.

  • Can you be the face of the restaurant?
  • Can you be a leader who can be motivate multiple employees in multiple locations?
  • Can you be knowledgeable on the aspects of running a multiple restaurants?
  • Do you have strong communication skills?
  • Do you have problem-solving skills?

When growing to the role of a multi-unit manager you need to brace yourself for the upcoming changes. Regardless of whether you have been managing your restaurant exceptionally well, you will need to upgrade your skillset and be more aggressive to get your desired results.

Ultimately, you will have to depend on your team and each unit’s leadership much more often; therefore, having a reliable team is key to your success. Make sure you choose your team wisely, explain your expectations, and ensure that you are working as a unit. To achieve this, you need to possess these traits.

The Face of the Restaurant

The multi-unit restaurant manager is the face of the restaurant. As a result, you must handle demanding customers and juggle different tasks at once. Therefore, you need to know how important it is to have a good balance between looking presentable and being down-to-earth.

You need to be able to take a stand while still presenting a caring approach towards the customer. Though it is challenging to have that perfect public appearance, engage PR experts who will help you keep your image and the restaurants image excellent.

A Leader Who Can Be Motivate Multiple Employees

The multi-unit restaurant manager oversees multiple restaurants. Therefore, you must be able to motivate workers. It means that you have to know how to delegate tasks and ensure that everyone on their team is up to date with new rules or updates from headquarters.

It is essential for the multi-unit restaurant manager not to put any location above the other. All sites should be treated equally and have equal importance in their eyes. Understanding the strengths and operations of each unit is also essential for overall success. It will help you juggle between the branches with ease for excellent results.

Dealing with customers from different regions and cultures can also be challenging. You need to ensure that the customer service and quality across the units are of the same level. Even though it may be difficult, having the same structure, framework, and principles will help you standardize the quality.

Be Knowledgeable of the Aspects of Running Multiple Restaurants

A successful multi-unit restaurant manager needs to be knowledgeable of the aspects of running a restaurant. Of course, it will translate to knowing how different regions and areas operate. Still, it also means understanding what type of food is popular in that region, so they know which dishes to serve at their locations. Understanding the basics of each region’s cuisines will give you a competitive edge in the industry.

A significant hurdle for many managers is to juggle the different types of restaurants they oversee. For example, a restaurant known for its quick service may need a different management technique than one with more traditional sit-down dining. Therefore, having a wide variety of skill sets will help you in your management.

You will have to make significant decisions in the business in a bid to make it successful. You will have to physically and financially understand each unit in the industry. Working closely with the unit managers will help you have your eye on every corner of your business.

Have Strong Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential for any manager, but they are especially crucial in a multi-unit restaurant. When cross-training staff between different locations and taking on the responsibility of coordinating with headquarters, it is vital that these managers have strong communication skills to convey information without creating confusion or misunderstandings.

Have Good Problem-Solving Skills

Managing a multi-unit restaurant is quite challenging. There will be quarrels and misunderstandings between employees, suppliers, or even clients. It is up to you to devise brilliant problem-solving plans that will not affect the business. Occasionally you will have to sort through various financial and business problems.

Your restaurant is a business, and the people who run it are your employees. If you want to be successful in this industry, then make sure that you have qualified candidates for every position – including the right restaurant managers. Looking for a new multi-unit manager? Look for these five things and it will help you better understand what this position entails and how to hire the best possible candidate. It will take time, but once you perfect the art, you can be successful. If you need any help finding the right multi-unit manager, please reach out to us via our contact page.

Kelly Kuhlmann

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Kelly Kuhlmann is Founder and Chief Recruiting Partner of Hospitality Headhunter. Kelly has over 30 years in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry at all levels, and has been one of the Largest Restaurant Franchisees in the United States.