The best talent in the restaurant and hospitality industry is not necessarily looking for an opportunity. You need them, we go find them.

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We are experts in Restaurant and Hospitality Recruiting. We are committed to finding the best possible talent for your organization.

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With over 30 years experience placing leaders in the restaurant and hospitality industry from the restaurant manager to the CEO, Hospitality Headhunter is the right choice for your recruitment needs.


Years of Experience

  • PC Level Officers
  • PExecutive Leadership
  • PMulti Unit Leaders
  • PGeneral Managers
  • PRestaurant Managers
  • PExecutive Chefs
  • PCorporate Staff
  • PMarketing Support
  • PFacilities Services Leadership

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“Surrounding yourself with the very best talent is the key to a winning organization”

7 Reasons To Choose Us

1. Our Founder and CEO has been one of the largest restaurant franchisees in the United States. We network with top notch talent each and every day from all over the county.

2. We’re actively involved in the Restaurant Business.  We understand today’s staffing challenges and how to recruit the very best talent.

3. Each candidate we recommend placing is personally screened by our Founder and CEO, before we put them in front of you.

4. We wouldn’t send you a candidate we wouldn’t explore and potentially hire ourselves.

5. We get to know your specific needs and the culture of your organization before we begin our search, because we know it’s important to find the right fit.

6. Whether Employer or Candidate, our relationship is discrete and completely confidential. Advertising for certain positions can impact the culture of your organization. Posting your resume online if you’re currently employed can have negative implications. Our approach is custom designed to your desired needs or career goals.

7. There are no upfront fees or exclusivity contracts. You pay a simple fee if you hire someone we recommend.